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This institution is managed by Brindhavan Educational Trust with worldwide experience in the field of education under the guidance of our founder Shri. T. Kanagachalam after many years of committed and commendable service in this field of education Brindhavan Kids School at Podanur touched its wings to Kurumbapalayam Madukkarai as BV Public School on 18.06.2014.

Through the tenth year the school has escalated to great Horizons of success and today it is seen as one of the popular Institutions of this locality it has become synonymous with academic excellence a benchmark to measure co-curricular excellence and also a Centre to create responsible citizens of a system of education would be the perfect technique to blend the modern technological advancements and the ancient Indian culture to create a new genre of all-rounders and winners


To elicit the integrated development of body, mind, and soul. Owing to the violence that the world witnessing, it is our responsibility to transform every child into a responsible global citizen who can positively contribute to the progress of his/her nation and service to mankind.

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information or score marks but makes our life harmonious with all beings

We aim to foster a challenging, inspiring environment for each unique child. Embrace diverse perspectives in thought, speech, and action. Nurturing overall growth, academics, and moral excellence, sports, and creating global citizens. Revolutionize education: prioritize practical knowledge, self-discipline, and humanity. Empower students for lifelong success, enabling soaring achievements.

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Our approach at Brindhavan Vidhyalaya fosters resilient, globally-minded students. Through an interdisciplinary model, we cultivate knowledge, leadership, compassion, and gratitude, nurturing multifaceted growth. Our aim is holistic development—academically, socially, and physically—fostering inspired, adaptable learners. We guide individuals to realize their potential, harness natural inclinations, and adeptly navigate future challenges for meaningful societal contributions.

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Academic Success

The dedication to academic success at our institution is well-known. Our facilities, knowledgeable instructors, and a demanding curriculum guarantee that students get an excellent education that will help them succeed in their future employment.

Individualized Learning

We accommodate a variety of learning styles and aptitudes because we recognize that each learner is unique. Because of our lower-class sizes, each student receives the individualized attention they need to realize their greatest potential.

Holistic Education

At our school, we strive to provide a comprehensive education that goes beyond the content of textbooks. We emphasize the cultivation of the individual, fostering not only academic excellence, but also a strong sense of self-worth, ethical principles, and a strong sense of civic duty.

Innovative Programs

At our school, we take great pride in providing state of art programs that equip our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the ever-changing needs of the twenty-first century. Our students are exposed to a variety of STEM programs, as well as a variety of creative arts and extra-curricular activities.

Supportive Environment

At our school, we strive to foster an environment of safety, respect, and empowerment for all students. Our counsellors and staff are available to provide guidance and support in the event of any issues that arise.

Modern Facilities

We've got all the bells and whistles to make sure our students have the resources they need to succeed. We've got state-of-the-art labs, libraries, gymnasiums, and tech labs, so you know you're in good hands.

Community Involvement

We emphasize the significance of community engagement and service learning. Our programs provide students with the opportunity to give back, cultivate empathy, and cultivate a strong sense of ethical responsibility.

Safe and Welcoming Environment

Our commitment to the safety and well-being of our students is unwavering. Our campus is safeguarded and our procedures are in place to guarantee a warm and supportive environment.

Positive Track Record

Our school has a long history of producing high-achieving students and alumni who excel in a variety of areas.

Parental Involvement

We strongly advocate parental involvement and recognize that a positive relationship between parents and the educational institution is essential for a child's development.

Future-Focused Education

Our curriculum is tailored to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the modern world. We recognize the importance of utilizing technology and developing critical thinking skills as fundamental components of our educational philosophy.

Cultural Diversity

Diversity is an integral part of our school's identity and culture, and we strive to create a diverse and inclusive culture that exposes students to a wide range of perspectives and ideas.

A Proven Commitment to Excellence

Our organization is not only a school but also a community dedicated to providing the highest quality of education. Our staff, parents, and students collaborate to create a stimulating learning atmosphere.

When you choose our school, you’re committing to your child’s future. You’re putting your child on the path to a world-class education, where they’ll learn the values and skills they need to thrive in a world that’s changing faster than you can imagine. Join us on a lifelong journey of learning and personal development.