“The best part of the competition is that through it we discover what we are capable of – and How much more we can do than we ever believed possible.”

The Competition field at BVPS serves as a platform for students to showcase their talents and skills.  Through various events and competitions, students from Red, blue, green, and yellow houses exhibit their competitive spirit, teamwork, leadership qualities, and essential life skills. 

Various school Competitions like Storytelling, Story writing, Hindi Oratorical, Tamil Oratorical, English Oratorical, and Poster making engage students in sharpening their brain

BVPS also indulge students in various inter-school competitions like Art and Craft, Quiz, Music, dance, and  Sahodaya competitions which molds students to face challenges as well as rewards.BVPS provides opportunities for the students to showcase their skills, face their peer groups, and push their boundaries.

Whether Interschool or Intraschool BVPS aims at training the students to face them with a positive mindset and take the experience as a stepping stone for self-discovery and honing their talents.

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