Extra Curricular

Classical Dance

Yoga Studio

The goal of this yoga studio is to foster physical and mental well-being, as well as relaxation. The facility is equipped with a spacious and tranquil atmosphere, as well as natural light and audio-visual equipment. Additionally, yoga mats, blocks, and props are available for practice, and comfortable seating is available for meditation.

Silambam Arena

The objective of this training program is to foster physical fitness and discipline through the use of traditional Indian martial arts techniques. Facilities include an open area with a non-slip surface, Silambam sticks, and other traditional weapons, as well as protective gear for students to ensure their safety. Instructors with extensive knowledge of Silambam are available to provide instruction.

Karate Dojo

The objective of this organization is to provide instruction in the Karate martial arts, instilling in students discipline, esteem, and self-protection. The premises are equipped with well-padded floors for safe practice, as well as training equipment such as punchbags and focus pads. Additionally, students are provided with uniforms and belts. The instructors are certified and experienced in the field of karate.

Melodic Journey

At BRINDHAVAN VIDHAYALAYA, we embrace the harmonious world of classical music, nurturing a deep appreciation for its timeless beauty. Our dedicated faculty guides students in exploring the rich history, theory, and performance of classical compositions. Through engaging lessons and enriching experiences, we strive to cultivate a lifelong love for classical music, fostering creativity and cultural understanding.

Rhythm of Creativity with Western Dance

Unleash your passion for movement and expression through our vibrant Western Dance program. At BRINDHAVAN VIDHAYALAYA, we celebrate the artistry of dance, offering students a dynamic platform to explore various Western dance styles. From energetic jazz to contemporary elegance, our expert instructors guide students in mastering techniques, fostering creativity, and building confidence. Through lively performances and competitions, our dance program becomes a stage for self-discovery and teamwork. The joyous world of Western Dance, where every step tells a story, and the rhythm of learning is in perfect harmony.

Elegance of Bharatanatyam

Immerse yourself in the classical heritage of Bharatanatyam, a dance form that epitomizes grace and storytelling. At BRINDHAVAN VIDHAYALAYA, our Bharatanatyam program is a cultural journey, where students explore the intricacies of this ancient art, from mudras to expressive facial movements. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, students not only master the techniques but also delve into the historical and cultural significance of each performance. We preserve and propagate the beauty of Bharatanatyam, instilling a deep connection to our rich artistic heritage within each dancer.

Join us at BRINDHAVAN VIDHAYALAYA as we celebrate the spirit of sports, where passion meets character, and every student has the opportunity to shine. For more information or to explore our program, contact us today.