Integrity Club

At Brindhavan Vidyalaya, the school assembly is a cornerstone of our vibrant learning community. It is a time when our students, teachers, and staff come together to foster a sense of unity, celebrate achievements, and share important information. The assembly is not just a routine; it is a dynamic gathering that reflects our commitment to holistic education.


The school assembly serves as a platform to instill a sense of community spirit and pride among our students. It is an occasion where we celebrate accomplishments, acknowledge noteworthy achievements, and address the school community on matters of importance. Through this communal gathering, we aim to nurture a positive and supportive school culture.


Each class will be allotted a theme or a topic to perform.


Our school assembly is an inclusive event, with students actively participating in various segments. Student-led presentations and performances contribute to a dynamic and engaging assembly experience.


The agenda of our school assembly is diverse, encompassing various elements to cater to the holistic development of our students. This includes:

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