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Annual Day Celebration 2023

Brindhavan Vidyalaya Public School, Madhukkarai, joyously commemorated its 13th Annual Day for Kindergarten, themed “80’s Kids Vs 90’s Kids,” and the 10th Annual Day for BVPS, centered around the theme “Government Schemes” on December 17, 2023. The entire school premises were adorned with vibrant flowers and lighting, transforming it into a festive haven to mark this significant celebration.

A host of distinguished dignitaries graced the occasion, with Mr. Sekhar Writer, Columnist, Managing Trustee, and Publisher of Orey Nadu Weekly serving as the Chief Guest. The festivities commenced at 5:00 pm with an invigorating prayer song, followed by mesmerizing classical dance performances and an adorable welcome dance by the kindergarten students, setting the stage for a captivating celebration.

Mrs. Vanitha Thirumoorthi, our esteemed Principal, addressed the gathering, expressing her heartfelt sentiments. The formal inauguration occurred as Chief Guest Mr. S.R. Sekhar, Founder Mr. Kanagachalam, Correspondent Mr. Vasantha Rajan, Trustee Mr. Thirumoorthi, and Principal Mrs. Vanitha Thirumoorthi collectively lit the ceremonial lamp. Mr. S.R. Sekhar was honored by Correspondent Mr. Vasantha Rajan and presented with a memento by our founder, Mr. Kanagachalam.

Vice Principal Mrs. Muthukumari delivered the BVPS Annual Report, summarizing the school’s achievements and milestones. The highlight of the evening was an inspiring speech by Chief Guest Mr. Sekhar. The first half of the program showcased delightful performances by kindergarten students, blending dance and drama to depict the contrasting eras of “80’s Kids Vs 2K Kids.” The second half featured captivating performances by primary, secondary, and senior secondary students.

A memorable moment unfolded as the Honorable Union Minister of State, Shri. Dr. L. Murugan, shared an inspirational message through a video address. The grand finale featured a signature performance by Grade 12 students, leaving the audience in awe.

The evening concluded with a poignant rendition of the National Anthem, marking the end of a spectacular celebration that brought together students, staff, and esteemed guests in a spirit of joy and camaraderie.

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